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Topic Description/ Summary
Hiring for the future - Best Practices in HR As the nation turns towards the skilling landscape in India, the Gems & Jewellery industry must change the way they hire new recruitments. The great skilling initiatives taken by the Govt. of India, allows the industry to hire ‘pre-trained’ staff which they can take as apprentice & then mould them to their needs. The big question here is, are we willing to change the way we recruit & hire artisans ??
Protecting the Jewellery Consumer: Detection & Disclosure of Laboratory Grown Diamonds Detection and disclosure of laboratory grown diamonds is absolutely fundamental to protect the reputation of the natural diamond industry. In this seminar you will learn how the industry is taking steps to mitigate this risk. Information about policies, procedures and screening technology will be explained.
Ways to Increase Profitability “If your profit margins aren’t rising, chances are your retail business isn’t thriving.” Change in Government regulations, demonetisation and GST have caused disruption in the traditional jewellery retail business. How to maximise profitability during challenging times? Leading jewellers and consultants discuss a way forward.
Opportunities for Indian Jewellery in UK market (Handmade) The UK market is becoming an increasingly important handmade jewellery market with more and more Indian jewellers making inroads there. The UK market is one that caters to all types of products (mass, premium, innovative as well as handmade) and all consumer needs. This seminar will offer insights on ways to tap the UK market with leading retailers, wholesalers and distributors sharing their experience.
Opportunities for Indian Jewellery in US market (Handmade) An increasing number of Indian Jewellers dealing in handmade jewellery are exploring international markets including USA – the world's largest jewellery market. This seminar will share insights on the ways to tap the US market and will provide ample opportunity to explore various ways of initiating and expanding business with jewellery companies based in America.
Stay Current and Ahead of theCompetition with Virtual Diamond Boutique, the Technologically Advanced Platform Leading the trade in tech innovation, the Virtual Diamond Boutique app platform is advancing the industry to be more efficient by allowing for better buying, quicker sales, and an educational tool for both clients and employees alike. Available across Apple, Google, and Android, this industry platform is reinventing B2B inventory listings and purchases. Join VDB and upgrade to next-level sourcing and selling.
Opportunities for Indian Jewellery in GCC market (Handmade) The Middle East is becoming an increasingly important market for handmade jewellery trade. Apart from being a major tourism and retail hub, Dubai has emerged as one of the most important trading centers for Diamonds, Coloured stones as well as Pearls. Dubai has also been ranked among the world's top five “hot markets” in 2012 and the emirate remains the highest ranked target market for new retailers. In this seminar our panel of experts will discuss opportunities in the Middle East region.
All about Synthetic Diamonds Practically every produce of mother nature – be it honey or cotton or silk or leather – has a synthetic or man-made equivalent. None, however, has been at the epicentre of a debate and discussion as much as synthetic diamonds have been. The laboratory growth of diamonds is not new; what is new is the advances in technology that facilitated increased production of synthetic gem-quality diamonds. The upcoming panel discussion with industry captains is to help industry-members develop a better understanding of identification technology, challenges and opportunities presented by synthetic diamonds.
Build your Business through Digital Marketing Technology has brought about a fundamental change in the way consumers consume content. With consumers’ attention getting shorter, brands are being built using new media rather than mainstream media such as print and electronic. Brand representatives and digital marketing agencies, discuss the power of digital marketing.
Millennials - who are they and what do they want? Millennials are digital natives, seek brands on social media to converse, show preference for customized products, value the experiences more than the product and stay loyal to brands that tell stories with an emotional connect. Marketing to such a large group is a challenge and opportunity as they operate in an omni-channel world; where the experience – right from awareness to advocacy – is not just dependent on an online or an offline channel; millennials desire seamless experience irrespective of the channel. Nearly 36% of India’s total population by 2020 will comprise of millennials. The panel will discuss how to meet the needs of this group that have such varied interest.
Way Forward for GST Implementation & Practical Solutions - Manufacturers GST implementation is just the first step in being GST compliant. There will be numerous updates and developments with the new tax regime, and it will be important to stay abreast of these new developments to ensure your business remains GST optimised and GST compliant. The INDIAN GST regime provides the authorities with discretion to impose potentially very harsh penalties for non-compliance. THIS SEMINAR IS TO provide a broad range of GST UNDERSTANDING to offer you peace of mind with managing and minimising your GST risk. For every piece of work, our approach is to UNDERSTAND AND HAVE PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS according to our needs and concerns, and based on our Retail and or Manufacturing of JEWELLERY business and industry sector.
Way Forward for GST Implementation & Practical Solutions - Retailers
Awareness on M.S.M.E. Schemes GJEPC is taking an initiative of arranging Awareness Seminar for MSME sector to sensitize the MSME members and build awareness on various MSME Schemes in order to enable the MSME sector of our Gems & Jewellery industry to be more competitive in the domestic and global market share of Indian MSME products. The objective of the seminar is to enhance awareness of several MSME schemes increasing the productivity, upgrading technology and conserving energy in the manufacturing processes, as well as expanding the business of MSME members through various Marketing assistance schemes.
Reviving Heritage Jewellery for the Future World India, the first country to start making jewellry & cut & polish diamonds & gemstones in the world, was known for it’s immaculate craftsmanship & for using innovative techniques in the olden times. What has happened to those brilliant processes & techniques with the advent of modernisation & global race to produce according to foreign needs ? Where are those artisans for whom the Maharajas had a special place in their court ? What are the steps we need to take to save these techniques & artisans from fading into oblivion ??
Design for Development - Studded In 1947, DeBeers launched an advertising campaign with the now ubiquitous tagline "A diamond is forever." Hollywood stars started wearing diamond engagement rings, onscreen and off, helping to increase popularity. Irrespective of the occasion and the metal of choice, jewellery with precious and semi-precious stones evoke emotional appeal. Designers and consumers have opportunities to experiment with precious and semi-precious stones as Indian consumers wear many colours to go with the many occasions. Designers have the opportunity to create different designs using pearls, coloured stones, diamonds and more, that reflects the wearer’s taste. The panel will discuss the importance of collaboration between designers, manufacturers and retailers to be able to effectively target jewellery buyers and expand the industry.
Tapping Opportunities in the Jewellery Industry through E-Commerce Indian consumers embraced e commerce with phenomenal enthusiasm. Successful companies such as Flipkart, redbus, pepperfry etc; have changed the way products are bought sold and consumed in the country. They have also managed to get huge funding from the investor community. How can a high involvement product category such as jewellery benefit from India’s e commerce boom? Executives from successful e commerce companies, jewellers and investors discuss the roadmap for the future.